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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Thu 21 Jan 2010 21:07
Hopefully the NE trades have finally arrived. Dawn brought a fresh NE wind which has stayed all day for the first time. Hopeful this will last until Monday when it is forecast to drop a bit. All canvas aloft making 6 -7 knots with the occasional 10 thrown in down the waves! Sea temp 29 Air temp 32 - this is tough sailing! All looking forward to making the half way mark tomorrow - just mixed a pina colada to put on ice in  advance to celebrate the moment!  Love k
Hi.. Nessa here.. firstly Happy Birthday Rich!.. No longer a teenager! Am drinking your Good Health!  We are not far from half way... so I'll call you and Sophie on our home line.. on Saturday at 1 o'clock p.m. your time.  If anyone is reading this, please call Sophie and tell her... just in case she's missed this blog!?!  XXX
Astrid.... hope you're behaving yourself...and make sure you get someone to carry your case when you come over...via Gatwick.. bring wheels for the case.  Love You..XXX
Bryony... will call you when I can soon.. love you lots XXX  Emily... notlong till your birthday... the Big One,and then the Caribbean with Bryony! Whoopee! Love you lots XXX
Pips and Josie... hope you're still having a good time in Aus. XXXXX
Hello this is Alison hi everyone.  First I must say Happy Birthday to Peter Balderston as I know its your birthday any day now!  We saw a huge whale in the distance here - throwing itself into the air and landing with an enormous splash it must have been a whopper.  The flying fish are entertaining - they seem to skim over the waves for hundreds of feet.  Very hot here and all this relaxing is very tiring....zzzz
Just eaten the last of the fish we caught- more tomorrow. Can't quite get my head round this bed at dark up at light.
Not really me!  Patrick