14:45.80N 37:38.16W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Wed 20 Jan 2010 21:35
The wind forecast today did not materialise and we have been strugging with a weak E'ly sticking as much canvas as possible up. Finally put the chute up at 4pm as the wind picked up from NE which we hope to carry through the night. Caught a big 10lb fish (a Wahoo we think) which a delicious change from our tinned food tonight. 1282 miles to go, and we are all excited for Friday when we reach hopefully the half way point. Wind is due to pick up  NE 4-5 by dawn - lets hope  its not another false dawn!
All well aboard. Love K & V
Hi Alison here.  Got my head down a bit early last night - too much sun I think, so no blog from me, but back at keyboard again today letting you all know what we're up to here almost mid atlantic! The fish was a great surprise and a provided quite a diversion in the early evening.  Less than an hour from sea to plate - welldone patrick! 
Nearly half way - look forwrd to the downhill count and thnking of chips rum punch etc....  All is well bye for now xxx
Hi Team... Nessa here again... Such brilliant fresh fish.... what a delight... caught, filletted and cooked in one hour! Better than a restaurant!... More to come tomorrow too.   Lorraine, thanks so much for looking after Bryony .. hope it wasn't too difficult when you had so much work to do! Could you please tell Sophie that I left a message for her yesterday.. am not sure how often she looks at our blog!?   With all the excitement of the Wahoo (what a great name!) I forgot to say we saw a whale leaping into the air a few times, quite a long way a way... but thrilling!
Love to all the girls... all round the world... and to all the family and dear friends XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Patrick is exhausted from allthis fishing... and will talk to the world tomorrow. ????