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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sat 30 Jan 2010 13:22
Arrived abour 5.30 yesterday afternoon and now anchored in Carlisle bay Bridgetown Barbados. Failed to update blog last minute as Rum Punch got the better of us! Great to be in and slept like logs!  Blue Sea, Sandy beach and Coconut Palms in view - today is going to be tough!  Kit
Whoopee! We've arrived...at last.... having spent the majority of January 2010 in the Atlantic... Sun shining Man! Yo!
Lots of love to all the family....Sophie, Bryony, Emily, Josie and Pippa and ALL our friends! XXXXXX  Nessa XXXXXX
Hello Alison here how wondeful to be in Barbados. The last day dragged on and on we seemed to go so slowly once the island was in sight which brought home what kind of speed we have been doing for the last two thousand miles ie anything between 5 and 8 miles an hour!  Went past the beach where Patrick's neice lives where he will be staying right on the kite surfing beach - so tough.  We're off to the market now and to find laundrette and internet cafe. iona great news about the halls of residence - I'll chat to you later.  We are 4 hours ahead here. I think Alison's blogs are over now thanks for keeping up with the adventure all and every one of you far and wide.  Brain of pooh will continue her adventtures here for another couple of months - and then who knows where they will go! Its been great to know you've been there.  find me on facebook and say hello and to catch up with the next installment.  Signing off now. xxxx