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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sun 14 Mar 2010 19:15
Emily and Bryony left us in Grenada on 10th March. Since then we have been up to Carriacou to the north east of Grenada in order to give us a better angle to travel to Tobago. The winds have been predominantly SE and hot making Tobago impossible on one tack. As luck would happen, the wind came round the east for 24hrs and we had a fine beat to windward making Tobago in one. We have also had reports of several Venezuelan pirate attacks on yachts travelling between  Grenada and Trinadad so Carriacou to Tobago seemed a prudent alternative! We are now safely in the most glorious bay,Charlottesville, with our anti -pirate spearguns, flare guns and petrol cannisters securely away!
We will be in Tobago unitl 24th of March when we travel to Trinadad where the boat is lifted onto the hard 29th March and we fly home 31st arrivng UK 1st April.
.....Nessa here.... we had a grand time with Bryony and Emily, swimming and snorkelling and generally playing in the sea. Joined in the Big Party on the little deserted Hogs Island... with a local Band and BBQ and a Bar...where we, of course, sampled the local rum punches!!  Then danced on the beach to the music... a load of fun!!  Found lots of conch shells, and B has returned with some to UK.  Also joined in a BBQ night at the Marina Clubhouse, where we all brought our own meat and shared another large side dish each... salads, pasta, rice salads, ratatouilles, cakes etc.. and live music, with a great American lady with a voice like Dusty Springfield.
We hired a car one day and drove round Grenada, the interior is really green and we enjoyed driving through the rainforest... went on to lunch at an old plantation, cocoa and nutmeg... saw the goats, bought the cheese, said 'hallo' to the parrots, who, of course, said 'hallo' back. And ended up at a long 2 mile white sandy beach for a swim. Great day out.
Now, as Kit says, we're in Tobago for my birthday... arrived and dropped anchor at 6 a.m.!!  So a slow start to the day... a little sleep and up and off into the fascinating fun and laid back village of Charlottville, where there is a Deep Sea Fishing Competition going on for a few days.... but today, 13th is a rest day... so lots of partying, beer tents and reggae of course. It's such a beautiful bay, enormous with a few small beaches here and there and so verdant and lush... lovely! Had a great day... and after drinks with a French chap who had just arrived from Brazil... we had a great meal ashore at The Restaurant.. shrimps and fish... and of course... Rum Punch!!!
Tobago looks like one of the most beautiful of all the Caribbean islands that we have seen... so off to explore on the local bus tomorrow..... will continue then..... XXXXXX  Sophia mou, thanks so much for my Mothers Day card... and Nora, I love the John Betjeman poetry book...  thank you.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX