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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sat 6 Feb 2010 21:29
From Barbados we had a great moonlight sail to Martinique arriving in a place called Marin which is a big yachting centre. We spent a couple of days in the marina. What a joy to be able to use as much water as we liked (having been brushing teeth in half a cup of water in the atlantic) and clean the boat. Also managed to fill the wine cellar with lots of cheqp French wine and the fridge with wonderful  French cheeses!
We left Marin and spent a night a mere 3 miles away in Saint Anne, a quaint village on the South coast. Had first BBQ aboard. Today we arrived in Grand Anse D'Arlet on the West coast. Wonderful snorkelling. Bought a wonderful hammock which hangs from the mast to the forestay - just to ensure one stays horizontal !
Martinique must be the closest thing to heaven - all the lush mountains and coconut fringed beaches combined with French food! We are extremely concerned that nowhere else will live up to this.
Staying in Martinique to swim, sail, snorkel, eat, drink - nice French wines - and be merryuntil Thursday 11th when we go to St Lucia to pick up Patrick and Astrid.
Love to all family and friends XXXXX
Time to sign off and enjoy a rum punch as the sun sets and  paddle ashore for another creole meal in one if the many wooden shack restaurants ashore.
All love
Kit and Vanessa