15:13.65N 28:49.14W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sat 16 Jan 2010 20:35
Just entering our third night. After a frustrating sail in light winds and being becalmed last night (we had to motor using up our precious supply of diesel which we use to charge the batteries), we have hopefully hit the NE trades at last. Cruising chute up for the night 6 knots and NE force 3-4 winds. Hopefully we will catch up some lost time now! All well aboard. Had fresh water shower again today - what a joy our water maker is. Apart from showers, we are able to keep our freshwater tanks topped up. Quiet afternoon playing Scrabble ... waiting for the wind.
Spotted our first ship... that was exciting.. worked out it was going from New York to Lagos ! Just got a slither of moon as it goes down and dusk is upon us. So good to have some wind at last !
Alison here hello everyone!  Here speaks one with the opportunity to be so gleefully organised presently having significantly fewer things to think about and do than during 'normal' life, to the extent that I spent some time in the sun on the foredeck this morning devising a watch rota for the next two weeks showing where each watch would be spending each of the seven 2 hours slots given that the forepeak is full of sails and fresh produce.  A not dissimilar process to the learning of bellringing methods to my friends from the tower who would recognise the process of changing places!  To bed now.  More tomorrow xx
Not much else to say, wind looks like its on the way, wall to wall sunshine, and unfortunately I'm off to do my watch.