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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Mon 29 Jun 2009 15:16
Arrived Bayonna today. Last port before tomorrow's departure to Portugal. Weather still bringing in Southerly's - where are the NW Portuguese trade winds to blow us south!???!
Last night we spent in the most beautiful bay off Islas Cies, with amazing white sandy beaches.
Rick I do hope you are behaving yourself, and not working too hard. Will call you in the next few days.
Girls enjoy your BBQs, your weather will probably turn at w.end. Josie just remind me when you are off on holiday with Tom? We re aiming to be down in Fuerteventura towards the end of your week... I think we are planning to be there by 15th, after Morrocco.  Had a lovely chat with Bryony. She's very well. Don't forget to call us on Isle of Man mobile between 6 and 8 p.m.
Just off to explore Bayonna.
Love to all XXXXX