13:13.25N 56:50.5W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Thu 28 Jan 2010 20:30
Hopefully this will be the last blog entry before we hit Barbados. Only 153 miles to go! A perfect trade wind day of force 4-5 ENE,  twin headsails up, and basking in the sun in 32 degrees between the odd bucket of sea water thrown over oneself to keep cool - heaven. Everyone excited as we enter our last night of sailing. Expected arrival around 8pm tomorrow eve. All we need now is to hope that the Bajans remember to turn the harbour navigation lights - if they work at all? Will report in tomorrow from Bridgetown. Emily and Pippa, will text you on arrival and arrange a phone call. Sophie, mum will do the same to you.
Hello from Alison hope all is well at home and elsewhere!  Nearly there now - almost 150 miles to go which lately has been a days worth so keeping our fingers crossed that the wind keeps up.  We're all looking healthy and brown but feeling a little weary - I miss slumbering gently in my big comfy bed at home!! Last night 'at sea' as tomorrow night should be in port or nearby. Will send text messages/phone and then update facebook once I've found an internet cafe.  Hope you've found the story entertaining!  Lots of love Alison xxx
Woopee - very close now. You can almost smell the ganja!  Patrick