39:30.57N 09:08.54W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Thu 2 Jul 2009 21:17
Anthony, Now in the bay of the "green shutter restaurant". Rather bulit up now but the restaruant is still here and the pretty waitress is a bit older but her grandaughter is well "stunning. Black long hair etc!!!! "
Dad, Iooked at the chart and saw this "lulworth cove". You must have been here too. San Martinho. Your Portugurese flag is flying high!!
Girls...... so excited to see a Giant Squid... although it was dead... and bigger than the boat ! Just amazing, I've never seen that before !!!!   Josie, when are you in Fuerteventura?  We shall definitely try and meet you and Tom there as we're going via Morrocco.
Lovely bay in Portugal, we've now stopped for a whole day! Wow! A day off ... after sailing dawn to dusk, and nights often too. And the sun's come out too and sea is warm- had our first swim at anchor, as it's been too cold before this.
just watched sun go down, and Christopher Robin is playing the guitar....... bye for now. XXXXXX