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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Fri 22 Jan 2010 21:05
Just got to the half way mark. Wind was quite fresh last night and forecast to be Force 6 by dawn so eating up the miles.. Sea surprisingly flat. Just over 1000 miles to go wind winds set to lighten over the next few days, so we are hoping to arrive Barbados next Saturday ish!.  Amanda I will try and call you on your birthday  at 6pm  from the satelite phone. Emily figured out the ningaloo tune on the guitar today! Love kit
HiNessa here.... whoopee...half way there... so it's all downhill run from here!  Sophie and Rich... hope you had a lovely evening on your birthday, Rich, and DON'T FORGET I;m phoning home tomorrow, Saturday at 1 p.m.... be ready Sophie, to say hallo.  Love you lots. XX  P.S.  Anyone reading this please call Sophie to tell her...as not sure if she's seen this blog. Thanks XXXX
Hi Alison here am missing you all sooo much! Made a fab (though I say it myself) casserole this eve with lentils and frankfurters - amazing how inventive you can be when you have to! Note to self - useup tins when you get home.  On thee home stretch now counting down till Sunday I reckon.  Daddy we'll call tomorrow with any luck for a brief mid atlantic chat xx