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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Mon 24 Jan 2011 13:20
Hi Folks.
We are now in Martinique in a lovely bay Grande Anse D'Arly. Have spent a couple of days here. Wonderful snorkelling amoungst the coral and turtles! - And French Cheese!!
Heading up today to St Pierre in the North of the island under the Volcano Mt Pelee, and then on to Dominica for a few days before heading up to Guadeloupe including the Saintes.
We are having some issues with our Caribbean phone. Whilst we are on French islands you can call us on our respective UK mobile numbers (Vanessa 07752522888  Kit 07882851789), and we are only paying 15p a minute to receive (as opposed to £1 on the ex English Islands). We shall be in Martinique today, and then in Guadeloupe (French) from 30th January until 8th February.
We are also finding it quite hard to pick up e-mails so text on the above numbers if there are any urgent messages.
Louise and Mark can you text us your flight times etc to Antigua.
Weather lovely much cooler than last year.
All Love Kit and Vanessa