14:03.06N 46:48.96W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sun 24 Jan 2010 21:48
Another frustrating day where the forecast wind has disappeared again. Trying to set further south, motoring at times, to give us better angle to the wind when it eventually comes through. Hot and humid day with not a lot of action. 748 miles to go - which still seems a long way when creeping along at 4 knots!  All well aboard. Kit XX 
Hello Alison here!  Yes, not a lot on the wind front today.  Patrick washed some clothes and the sea temperature is 30 degrees C according to the log.  We turned the clock back another hour not sure what Barbados is on but we are now GMT -3.  All looking quite brown - we have the bimini up during the hottest hours.  Patrick marinated and cooked the other half of the dorada we caught yesterday - quite superb and now he has a job for the rest of the trip tee hee.  Well I'm signing off with fingers crossed for a puff of wind tomorrow. Hope all is well at home and work. Iona hope uni work and house going ok.  Hope you got the photos downloaded and printed off for G&G xxx
Tan's ok but beard's had to go; starting to look like Ben Gunn again!  Patrick