23:43.44N 20:06.72W

Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Thu 7 Jan 2010 19:52
Having been plagued with rather fickle winds, we finally picked up the Canarian current and start of the NE trades which will push us faster towards Cabo Verde Islands. Just under 500 miles to go. Looking like a Monday arrival. Rather cloudy with rain squalls most of the day. Had a hot shower using the water maker to replenish our water stocks - real treat!. Love to all Kit & Nessa.    
Hi Alison here.  2nd full day at sea 3rd night tonight this morning we passed the third of the way mark so 4 more sleeps to go should be there Monday.  Going to Sao Vicente where there is a marina, African/Portugese, fresh fruit maybe and some exploring. Saw a yacht today and a fishing boat in the distance and also saw a couple of swift lookiing birds swooping over the waves and we are 180 miles from the African coast! I'm meant to be on watch now so bye for now.  More star gazing then sleep till 5.  Until tomorrow. Iona hope all went well today, love to all the Pott family xx