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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Fri 15 Jan 2010 20:43
 20.30 Friday 15th. Just entering our second night. Rather fickle winds meant that we only logged 110 miles in the last 24hours. Forecast indicates progress will be slow over the next couple of days and then hopefully pick up! Twinned out two jibs with the spinnaker pole and a windsurfing mast to try and get as much speed as possible.
Gourmet meals as per usual!  I've been walloped by flying fish a couple of times in the night! And by 10 litres of milk the other night! Am now wary of flying objects!  Weather fantastic in the Tropics - great to have a very gentle start to the long passage. (We've just done half way from England to Barbados! Wow!
Luv Nessa and KitXXXXXXX
Hi Alison here hello to everyone who's reading this!  Last night on watch the Milky Way was really clear - a fanntastic clear sky.  Vannessa has been working out the lunar cycle and we should have a small moon soon culminating in a full one at the end of the month as we arrive at Barbados - excellent! Big sunbathing day today, it sure is darn hot.  Hope you re all coping with snow and cold. More tomorrrow xxx
Patrick says he will DEFINITELY put something on the blog tomorrow...