47:35:27N 03:01:51W

Thu 9 Aug 2012 07:24
9th August 2012

We arrived Gauzon, Belle Ile, Brittany, on Monday morning, after an excellent four day crossing from A Coruna. We got off to an initially slow start, but soon got good winds from the West and South West for the remainder of crossing. This enabled us to sail almost directly to Brittany parallel to our rhumb line, with only a few gybes along the way to keep us on course. The seas were slight to moderate, with occasional biggish swells and the odd rogue wave ending up in the cockpit !

There was quite a bit traffic along the way which required some careful watch-keeping and occasional changes of course, but nothing too alarming. Graham has become a great fan of AIS and uses it at every opportunity.

We are now at La Trinite sur Mer, a busy yachting centre and small tourist town on Quiberon Bay. We came here largely to get a repair done, as the ramshorn snapped from its retaining bolt shortly before we arrived in Brittany, which meant we had to use sail ties at the mast to reef down. More worryingly, however, it also meant that the bolt which keeps the boom attached to the mast could work free as the ramshorn no longer prevented it from sliding out, so we had to tap it with a hammer every hour or so to make sure it didn't fall out ! Fortunately, we got a new ramshorn fitted within a few hours of uor arrival at La Trinite yesterday so we are once again 'good to go'.

Later this morning we will be heading off to the Ile de Groix, then over the next ten days or so we will be working our way up the Brittany coast towards Benodet, Morgat and Camaret. We intend to make our crossing to Falmouth from L'Aberwrac'h and expect to arrive in Falmouth on Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th August, all being well;

As we will be at anchorages much of the time, we may not have an opportunity to update the blog very often but we will do so when we can.

With best wishes from the three of us,