32:14:24N 57:27:54W

Sat 19 May 2012 15:19
Great joy yesterday evening about 5:00PM (LT) after days of seeing very little at all and while I was rummaging around with the fishing gear as a diversion, quite suddenly a whale hove into view. Heading West on a course diagonal to our own it passed behind our starboard quarter not 20 meters away. We're not sure if it was a youngster or a small adult but it showed us its entire length of about 20ft from square shaped head to tail. It took a good look at us as it came alongside before clearly deciding that we were not of its kind and continued on its way. As it did so I discretely stowed the fishing gear away.
Last night and again this morning the weather has been fantastic. We've been making a good 6 - 7 knots for days and enjoyed largely clear skies and only the odd squall. Seas have been calm to moderate the whole way and since we left Antigua we've been making 140 miles+each day. It is getting noticeably cooler and although Bill & I welcome he cooler climate Graham is most put out by feeling distinctly cold after his months in the Caribbean. His not looking forward to the temperate winters  back home and from what we here it's pretty cold back there now.