21:11.2N 61:34.9W

Mon 14 May 2012 16:25
Day 3 Noon position. Distance run in last 24 hrs 142.5nm.
So far things are going pretty well and we're making good progress North towards the vicinity of Bermuda, where we will hang a right and head off towards The Azores. The wind has kept up well for us over the last couple of days and life has settled down on board into some semblance of a routine. The skies generally have been cloudy although last night they cleared to reveal a wonderful starry sky with a waning moon. To the west of us, however, over the far distant islands of Puerto Rico dark clouds had gathered and sheet lighting illuminated the whole area although no thunder was heard. In the early hours of this morning we had our first heavy rain. I was off watch and down below in my berth but the drumming on the coach roof woke me for a while. Graham has taken up residence in the qtr berth, which seems ok although rather hot and stuffy.It at least means that we can avoid having to "hot bunk". Bill is in the port berth while I'm hanging on to windward in s/bd.
The fresh provisions purchased prior to our departure in Antigua have been very disappointing - a lot of it has already been ditched overboard in a putrid condition. The fridge stopped working just as we left too, so it's dry stores and tins for the rest of the voyage.