Wed 1 Aug 2012 15:39
Graham and Sheena arrived in A Coruña on Monday 30th July after a rather frustrating few days waiting for clear weather to get around Cape Finisterre. Annie had been anchored for several days close to the small town of Sardiñeiro, not far from Finisterre (known by the Galicians as Fisterra). However, visibility was very poor and it wasn't safe to leave the anchorage. One day they got around the Cape after the fog lifted in the early afternoon but they had to turn back due to strong Northerly winds and lack of time to reach the next ria safely in daylight, which was very frustrating for them.

Their daughters left the boat on Saturday to go to A Coruña in time to catch their flight back to the UK on Monday. I took the train from Vigo to Coruña that same day to await Graham and Sheena's arrival.

We have had an excellent few days in this very attractive town. It has a very strong seafaring and Celtic tradition, as well as some very fine architecture and places of interest to visit (including the impressive Tower of Hercules lighthouse on a rugged headland close to the entrance to the harbour, built originally by the Romans).

However, our time in Spain has come to an end. The boat is now re-provisioned and we have a very favourable forecast of Westerlies for the next several days to get us to Brittanny. If the winds are as predicted, we should be able to sail directly across the Bay of Biscay in a North Easterly direction towards Belle Ile. It is about 350 miles and, all being well, it should take us no more than four days or so to get there.

We will give you an update on our position as and when we can. However, it may not be possible to do this on the crossing itself as we have experienced problems with our satellite phone connection.

With best wishes from the three of us,