39:36:36N 38:37:12W

Tue 29 May 2012 14:54
Now less than 350 miles to go to our destination of Flores, so subject to the vagaries of the wind we can expect to arrive by the weekend (???)
My part of this luxury ocean cruise will therefore soon be at an end, which may not all together be a bad thing for at least two reasons -
1. I have discovered weed like material emerging from the fresh water pump
2. My appearance is having a worrying effect on my shipmates.
More than once when waking them for their watch each has looked up at me in terror. At first I put this down to the red head torch I have taken to wearing at night but recently, even during the day Graham has nearly jumped out of the cockpit when I have popped my head up through the companionway, unexpectedly.
I used to entertain my children (at least I think) with impressions of Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" and I am worried that this may be happening again. On the other hand it may be that my shipmates has detected, sub-consciously, that recently I have begun to think a lot about roast beef - not something I do usually.
Yours Capt Ahab