38:24:24N 32:13:36W

Sat 2 Jun 2012 13:38
After the gale comes the ....
lull, certainly. In fact 15 hrs of lull and simply drifting around in a quiet part of the ocean, going nowhere. This morning, however, when I came back up for my watch at 05:00 (LT) there was enough breeze around the same sector of the windex to pull out the Genoa and start sailing agin. After about an hour the breeze came round a bit and we were able to gybe onto a line approximating our preferred course to Horta. Now at 1300 (LT) we are "creaming along" at 5-6 knots, still under Genoa alone. Hopefully as the wind comes off the stern we'll get the main up. It's a lovely day, blue skies and sunshine and thank God, some wind. Engine repairs in Horta. Bill is already bouncing around with the "Channels". Currently 168 miles to go.