28:25N 59:50W

Thu 17 May 2012 20:27
Another good day's run with 150 miles in 24 hrs, if the log can be believed, although the charted positions seem to confirm the claim.
Last night as it began to get dark we found ourselves boxed in with ominous black and billowing clouds, so we put in a second reef and furled the Genoa to about half. Luckily we skirted round most of the squalls and still made good progress with speeds of between 5 - 6 knots throughout the night.
We had trouble shaking out the 2nd reef this morning as the ram's horn twists awkwardly against the mast and makes a devil of a job to free the cringle. We are hammering along now with one reef in the main and most of the Genoa set. It's been another beautiful day with 15-20 knots of wind on the s/board bow. That is how it has been pretty much since we left Antigua and we are beginning to wonder if the wind will shift when we need it to from the NE so that we can make the Azores - that  required course change is still several days away.
Afternoons are generally a relaxing time on board; we are all awake and engrossed in our books; Graham is stroking his beard to a post war history of Europe, Bill is chuckling over his Don Quixote and I am filling my head with the heroic deeds of Danish warrior kings thanks to Seamus Heaney.We have all enjoyed "Everyman for Himself" by Beryl Bainbridge, which seems only fair.
From time to time our reading is punctuated by discourses about the evening meal and food in general. This afternoon our special topic was fresh fruit trifle, still chilled from the fridge. If only we had the fresh fruit and custard, never mind the fridge!
Bill is just about to serve an afternoon refreshment of lime juice and fizzzy water fresh from the pit and very welcome too and I have just heard we have company. A cargo vessel heading S and about three miles off our port bow - the first thing we've seen in days!