23:41N 61:16W

Tue 15 May 2012 18:55
Update from Annie at 14:40 LT
Another cracking day's run with 147 miles logged in the last 24 hours to noon.
Last night was generally cloudy and dark but the stars missing in the sky could be found in our wake as the water off our bows fairly boiled with fluorescence. Bill and I both thought we could hear dolphins chattering.
Moving around on board has been difficult for the last couple of days as we bump along on the waves at up to 7.5 knots into wind - The boat is well heeled over so it's pretty uncomfortable to move around. Today the sun is shining brightly, blue skies and the most amazing blue sea. The wind continues to blow at 20kn + from the NE and we're going along nicely. Lunch today consisted of a fried egg sandwich each.