Friday 11th May

Fri 11 May 2012 12:36
Day 1 of our passage started yesterday or rather didn't start yesterday. Our first objective was the fuel pontoon at which another boat was taking a languid approach to replenishment. So in order to transmit a message in the the style of English gentlemen we thought we would caste off and mill around looking patient. Three circuites of the pool later, two gentle collisions with pontoons and 8 engine failures in as many minutes later we wre tied up on a convenient hammer head explaining our erratic behaviour to the Jolly Harbour jolly harbour master. An engineer was duly summond and this friendly and meticulous chap spent the next two hours on board trying to find the fault by starting with dismantling the filters and then exavating deeper into the lump until eventually deciding that either one of the fuel pipes has degraded to the pont that it is contaminating the fuel or the lift pump will possibly require replacement. He's taken the suspect pipe away for pressure testing and we await his return this morning. It is currently pouring with rain, it's rather too hot for a chap from my home latitudes and the mossies are getting visibly fat from feasting on my body which now resembles someting from a photo it once was my misfortune to see in a carelessly discarded copy of the Lancet.