48:16:90N 04:35:20W

Fri 17 Aug 2012 17:04
Friday August 17th

We arrived Camaret a few hours ago after an excellent trip in bright sunshine and good winds from Sainte Evette (apologies for incorrect name/spelling in last blog!).

What a difference a day makes. We had a very difficult day yesterday. It was cold and wet much of the time, the sea was very lumpy from the previous day's strong winds and our arrival at Sainte Evette in winds gusting 40 knots whilst we attempted to pick up one of several available vistors' buoys was, to say the least, challenging ! After literally almost an hour of circling the visitors' buoys repeatedly, we managed to pick one up - just. We gave a big sigh of relief and had a celebratory drink or two. Other boats arriving after us had an equally difficult time.

Tomorrow we head off to L'Aberwrac'h, which will be our point of departure for Falmouth as soon as conditions allow. However, the winds for the next 5-6 days are forecast to be very light, so we may have to motor all the way, which we would rather not do.

We will update the blog when we next get a chance.

Best wishes from the three of us.

Bill, Graham, Sheena