nothing today

Graham Deegan
Fri 27 May 2011 19:39
He has worn himself out ( the bunks are hard) but will be onstream gain tomorrow. There have however been a stream of emails eminating from his desk but they appear not to be for public consumption. I would forward some of them to you but Postman Rory the blogmaster has control of the 'transmit 'equipment and is not sharing it. There will, you can be assured, be reprisals; We know where he lives!Actually I'm not so sure we do anymore. No matter. Motor sailing at present with just under 400 miles to go. Very little left in the fridge; food and drink running low.......Piers is looking increasingly like a meal.
The Golden Blanket Award looks like a shoe-in for Double Gloucester, Anthony ( Aka Mother) has been sunbathing despite the biting Northerly breeze whilst our reveered leader has given up with the owners manual and seems to be in conference with his ipod which he says takes him to 'another place'. Meanwhile Anthony has his ipod plugged into the ships PA system whih means there is no escaping the mixture of music ranging from 'hotel lobby' to what I understand is called 'Garage". Frankly it makes one want to strangle oneself!