friday on Akarana

Graham Deegan
Fri 4 Dec 2009 23:01
the day started with the daily service and the Preachers thought for the day. This proved to be so politically incorrect that it has been sensored by the skipper nipper.
skippers briefing starts with the cabin boy taking skippers tea to him ahead of the watch leaders formal daily brief.We were warned to expect wind rain and sun which proved to be correct.Health and safety brought Doc,s abandonment of his faithful life jacket into focus. he now wears it religiously.several members of the crew have had the same medical symptons, handus splinterous. This is caused by crawling around on all fours on the wooden decks and only wearing one pair of shoes. the Doc noted the crew were evolving with some crew now balancing for long periods just on their hind legs.
We have made a radio friend A Lady a 61ft OYSTER. we speak to an Irish guy who tells us "the weather is shite" so they motored for 14 hrs yesterday. Today he informed us he had to go as the pink gin for happy hour was being served.
The sailing has been good with 15 kn breeze, lots of sunshine but strangely, to date, none at night.Squalls are always a threat. Today a big black cloud headed for us the wind rose from 14 kn and we started to get in positions ready for the call to arms. wind at 30 kn and very heavy rain followed. the kite came down ,snuffed with ease, jib was set and we ran with the 30 kn for 15 to 20 minutes and all returned to normal.
Gybing around the two inner forestays is like a mariners barn dance. We gybe often and are beginnning to look like we know what we are doing. We change kites several times a day. today the 0.5 was the hero being the largest area in relatively benign conditions.
We are about 3 days from St Lucia. we will keep blogging.
The six old boys