Day one

Graham Deegan
Fri 23 Oct 2009 15:12
Left Lisbon at 20.00 hrs last night.  No wind but a breaking swell over the bar which was most uncomfortable with waves swirling down the deck.  Things gradually improved as the night went on and the swell died down off the continental self.  But still no wind. Motoring at about 6 knts.
Anthony produced a memorable Lasagne washed down with pomergranet juice.
Dolphins seen off the bow at about midnight. Dolphins returned this morning, adults and little ones.
Preparations made for a meridian sun sight, but no sun appeared.
Clouds built up over the morning and by lunch a light drizzle set in, followed by a rainbow.
Lunch was a salade Niçoise served up by Anthony with Piers help. 
The secret of fast spinnaker sailing: the blow up arm chair was inflated but alas too soon.
Graham just had time to try it out when storm clouds were spotted on the horizon and it had to be deflated.  It is huge and would have blown away taking Piers with it if left on deck.