Still smokin

Graham Deegan
Sat 28 Nov 2009 12:59
As I take a break from the pastoral care of 5 somewhat grubby old blokes I find myself in a somewhat reflective mood.  Whilst we are all bouyed up with the news that we are somewhat near the front of the fleet this is also tempered by the fact that it appears that this maybe more to do with being in a Swan and in the Cruising Fleet than with our obvious skills and 300 years of sailing experience.  Nevertheless the mood is still high.
My other duties centre around Health and Safety.  A few minor incidents here although you may have read that I had to ban Sparks alias Dirt Box Dick from the washing up.  It did occur to me that his appalling standards may have been faked for the purposes of avoiding this chore but in the end after numerous other incidents involving food convinced me that these were indeed his standards.  The other problem of course is that he is my very competent (in most respects) watchmate and therefore I have to be constantly on guard for tea served in dubious china.  I of course have not been without fault on the spillage front and on one occassion tripped in the cockpit and spilt tea down the Nipper's open port where he was sleeping.  Fortunately his bedding appeared more than adequate in the absorbancy department and therefore his wrath was avoided as he did not wake.  Sleep and damage to his boat are touchy subjects with him.
Occasionally DB's and my watch overlap with the Prof and the Doc.s watch and we get to here some little tit bits of the Prof's life in Portugal.  Obviously there is more to this man than meets the eye. 
Sadly this is all I have time for as I must address some of the quite obvious personal hygiene issues in this mornings sermon.