The England Chair

Graham Deegan
Fri 23 Oct 2009 17:31 the real story of the large red and white ENGLAND chair.
   After some hours of puffing, blowing, Piers finally inlated the "spinnaker trimming chair".  The idea is that a man can sit for hours, ....even days, in this inflatable chair on the side deck and be very comfortable and happy.  The chair indeed looks very comfortable,  but it fills the cockpit of a Swan 46 and has no means of tying down.  or it occupies all of the side deck,  and has an unrated sail area value of about 3 sq.m.
  Now Piers was very pleased with this task of fully inflating the chair..... until Pete says there is a squal comimg.  (Maybe there was not a squal...  but there could have been).  The next sight is of Piers frantically trying to deflate this large chair because he cannot leave it or stow it or reef it or do anything other than deflate it in order to deal with it should the potential squal materialise..... Rick mean time is offering to help Piers to rapidly deflate the chair with his leather man (sailing knife).  Piers bravely defended his chair and managed to deflate it enough to wrestle it into the forepeak.  There it sits occupying the whole space, like an exploded emergency airbag.  If someone decides they want something from the forepeak in a hurry..... lets hope they do not have a sailing knife in their hand...!