blog 27th

Graham Deegan
Fri 27 Nov 2009 20:52
Good evening to both our intrepid followers - I have just been released from galley duties for the night and on watch in 2 hours with the nipper/skipper - spent a very pleasant happy hour watching the sun go down (see picture attached) Piers created a sheperds pie follwed by a melba brulle (with an accent :) ) - Moody Blues playing with Paulo and "Q" to follow - a wonderfull days sailing in the sunshine making good progress at about 190 mile a day - managing to catch the fresh produce before it goes off - Libby's fruit cake is the T time treat every afternoon - Rick (sparks ) is winning the golden dog bowl award for food consumption follwed by the rest of the crew so Akarana will be considerably lighter on arrival in St.Lucia sadley this will not be reflected in the body mass of the crew - Rory got his revenge on the flying fish that attacked him during the night by gutting/filleting and frying them then throwing them over the side (not up to the usual standard) but made up for this by making an excellent salad for lunch - So off to sit on the deck and admire the night sky -thinking of you all   Anthony  :)  xx