Laying on of Hands

Graham Deegan
Thu 26 Nov 2009 18:23
Dearly Beloved...
The wind is down a little and the game getting more tactical / weather orientated.  The .75 Spi is up and surviving so far inspite of a skilled attempt by Sir Lance and his Lot to stick the spi pole through it in a gybe.
Sparks has become a total anorak now he has mastered the black art of Side Band Radio and is wasting battery power to the nippers horror,  in order to talk to fellow SSB anoraks.
The Doc's stab wound is healing.
Following this mornings service, dedicated to the denegration of the youth of today, the Preacher asked for any crew who was troubled to come forward.  Mum stumbled forward to announce there was an evil spirit in his back that would not leave him. The Preacher trembling with excitement insisted mum get straight on the saloon table there and then so he could exorcise it!  The laying on of hands that followed was dramatic with the evil spirit fighting and screaming at each attempt to exorcise Mum. It climaxed finally with a well placed elbow delivering the final blow to the piriformis and mum elevated clean off the table,  grabbed the crutches and threw them to the deep.   Hallelula.....   Amen..