just another day at the office

Graham Deegan
Wed 25 Nov 2009 18:45
we begin to get into a routine.
 we all gather around the Nippers bunk to receive orders for the day.he  requests to ask our friends to avoid attachements where ever possible, we assume he refers to emails but it
is not clear,the nipper says they cost too much! we do very much want to here from you.
the next formal meeting is for prayers with the Preacher. his style is of the Hell and Damnation school.Surprisingly he tells us to think positively, eat well and avoid eating from dishes washed up by the Sparks due to some quality issues,
We had a nasty accident this morning when the Docs life jacket inflatted due to some unspecified activity in his bunk the Prof' saved him with a timely stabbing of the problem
Mum continues to keep us tidy in his speedo knickers, scarry but very efficient
we now have travelled many miles in good down wind sailing conditions.Best daily run 230 miles. 2150 miles to go!
we have used a combination of spinnaker and when very windy boomed out jib and "bloater".
hope all is well with you folk
the six gruppy old men of Akarana