The Night Shift Learns about Squalls

Graham Deegan
Tue 1 Dec 2009 11:49
Dear all.  ......The Nipper hits the headlines.
The Nipper has at last been forced to leave the chart table and take the helm...  If it was not for the squalls that were sent to us last night he would still be The Nipper.....  Now he is "Lord" Nipper of The Atlantic.  Elevated unanimously by all the crew to this high position....  his investiture takes place this afternoon when the good ship Akarana crosses the 1000-NM-to-go barrier.
After a good day of fast sailing with the 3/4 of Spinnaker,  Akarana settled in for the night expecting less than 15Kt wind. 
....But five squalls hit in quick succession and rather than abandon the large and light spinnaker the Nipper nursed it through the first three 30 kt squalls and ordered up the stronger and heavier weight spinaker and pressed on surfing on the crest of a wave at 13 kts. 
According to the famous Tucanon Lists   ....Akarana now leads the fleet.
....and The Nipper now has 5 notches over his bunk.....
The Prof