Exiting Start...Romping 24hrs

Graham Deegan
Mon 23 Nov 2009 12:41
Its busy out here in The Atlantic.
First of all we joined the ARC Rallye so that we could squeeze with 220 sailing yachts of all shapes and sizes,  all experiences and very little,  through a 1/2 mile line just off Las Palmas.  Then we became busy with the task of sailing fast.
The start was quite a sight and it was very difficult to win.  we didn't.   ...but we were up there. It took half an hour to work our way out of the crowd,  but we did and we were satisfied with our position in the fleet.  Especially when Steve Wilson (ex of Southern Spars) sailing the 2nd highest rated boat in the fleet was sailing through us some 4 hours after the start.
We started in 10 kn of wind which slowly built to 15 - 20 knots by dusk.  We were served a delicious Ratatuille and Tortilla supper before settling down to a romp through the night under kite.
One glitch came to light....  the log and speedo are under reading by 1/3rd and we will have to recallibrate.
In the middle of the night we decided to drop the kite and boom out the headsail.  This was achieved, but not without learning that the squeezer can wrap around the topping lift and cause consternation on the foredeck.
Dawn has brought quite big seas and speeds of anywhere between 8 and 13 knots.
Jibe to the West at 11ish this morning.  Straight line distance to our noon position some 220miles from the chart (log under-reading)