Graham Deegan
Tue 27 Oct 2009 12:38

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Ric was so tired from last nights party, I mean watch, he sleeped  and missed the delegation of tasks meeting. Ric is now officer in charge of rubbish, strangely he sees it as promotion!
We spinnakered into the night until the wind dropped on Deegs watch. The poor sail gotted snuffed by Graham. God he is ruthless.
Sailors are a supersitious lot. it is believed if you want to catch fish you must make a sacrifice to the God of fish. traditionally ordinary fork give up there time along the front at Cowes. The rich can't be arsed and throw cheap watches into the sea. We were down to the last two Rolex when we were rewarded with a fish almost as big as the Rolex dial.
Pete was too mean to throw his watch overboard and did the Cowes fisherman thing and was rewarded with a Tuna. O.K. it's not massive but Pete got very excited and insisted on giving it a french kiss before passing it to our two bra chef who turned out the most incrediable lunch.
we saw a turtle today but he was not very photogenic.
Piers is getting to be a real expert on the Sex ton thing. he has come up with some fantastic positions.Frankly we can't keep up.
well thats it for now . we hope to make landfall tomorrow morning