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Date: 26 May 2011 15:59:39
Title: Routine working of the ship, day 10

39:21.36N 40:35.72W
Mother in the Galley, Lunch on the go... Music playing...
The Nipper & RoadRunner exploring the source of deck leaks.
Double Gloucester on the helm tuning into the intricacies of trim and ocean sailing.
The Doc, Midshipman Rowlandson, sextant in hand, sight reduction tables, calculation sheets spread all over the cockpit.
Yours truly, at the chart table pecking at the keyboard, cursing this PC (spit)
Closing a little on the azores high. Full white sails 10 knots of breeze. 7 knots speed over ground. Long swell and the sun shining.
ETA Horta Sunday night / Monday morning.

Situation normal.

Here's a pick of this morning's sunrise and one of Double Gloucester on the helm...
The Prof

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