tony zwig
Tue 29 May 2007 09:01




Today at about 4pm our time, I looked up from my book to see a porpoise jump clear of the water, do a barrel roll, and return to the ocean.  I gave a yell.  Immediately we were surrounded by about 7 or 8 of the lovely beasts; frolicking along our port bow.  They were jumping, speeding at the boat, and then turning 90 degrees without breaking pace.  Everyone was on deck watching and filming.  This was a fitting close to another wonderful day.  Good wind, fast speed, lots of reading all around.  Tomorrow, I need to check waypoints to keep us clear of Marlon Brando’s island which is 30 miles off entrance to Tahiti.

Thom graced us with chicken pesto (he just asked if his cooking was getting into the blog). Thom showed us video of one of the Ed Sullivan shows which introduced the Beatles to US.  Pretty daunting seeing the faces of 40 years ago. We are lucky as the wind is holding out; notwithstanding the predictions for it to go light and on the nose.  The crew is in good spirits but land fever is affecting some.  Still trying to diagnose the strange sounds coming from the motor.  Almost finished Melville’s Omoo, which recounts his and fictional time in Tahiti.  Very enjoyable.