sunny on thom's birthday

tony zwig
Mon 21 May 2007 22:16





It is Thom’s birthday (24) today.  I think David depressed him saying he is 25 and he is what he will look like in a year.  I always thought David was inhis 50s.

 Everyone has settled down into their own rhythm; lots of sleeping and acceptance that arrival time will be whenever we get there.  The “when will we get there” questions have disappeared, which is normal after a few days.  This trip is more relaxed than the last one when we were continually fixing the boat or contacting people 12 hours time zones away to learn how to fix things.  I hope I am not jinxing us, mentioning this.

In 39 miles we enter the area our weather maps show as having very light winds. Hopefully, this time they are not so accurate.  Several flying fish have launched themselves on board.  Too small to eat so we return them to the sea.  It is still a bit bouncy for anyone feeling like putting out our fishing line.  Starting to read about Tahiti moorings and places of interest; looking forward to it.

When we entered Tahiti in gps, it said it was behind us.  When we re-entered it with a south latitude, instead of north, Tahiti returned to its proper position. Have to get used to all our entries being in south latitude after equator.

Now halfway through Paul Theroux’s Oceania travels; still enjoying it very much.  He ends the book writing about Hawaii, which mostly he didn’t like, but is also where he lives.  I don’t know if he moved there before or after the book.

Another slow day of activity for us, but fast one for babelfish.