absolutely gorgeous sailing

tony zwig
Sat 26 May 2007 02:29




We are having a great time today as the day is ideal; 15 knots of wind from a direction that lets us keep our intended course.  Hopefully we have left the doldrums behind; the wind maps show light winds ahead but in the meantime we are making good time.

We expect to cross the equator tonight.  Too bad it will be in the dark, so we won’t see the big white line and sign saying ”from hear it gets colder”.  We are all looking forward to watching water go down drains counter clockwise.  Hey, we have been at sea for a while.  So far, we have not caught any more fish but have our lure out. 

The A type personalities are chilling.

The loss of satellite connection a couple of days ago reflects the fact that our system is not truly global for data (it is for voice) and we crossed one of the small areas that will be covered “next year”.  In the vernacular, how did we ever sail in the past without email?

The watermaker continues to faithfully replenish our tanks so we continue to luxuriate in showers, both on deck and below.  About 1100 miles toTahiti.  I am now onto Melville’s Oomee, about his times in the area of Tahiti, after Typee.  We have started a bit of celestial navigation, but are rusty after long absence.  Thom and I have been eating smoked salmon the past 2 days; seems there are no other takers for it.  We have to finish it soon as its kill date is tomorrow. 
We still have roughly ¾ of our fuel and less than half distance to go.

No sunburns yet.