so close, yet...

tony zwig
Sun 29 Apr 2007 03:48




This applies to us.  We passed our waypoint at the entrance to the channel between Molokai and Ohau.  We now have 30 miles to go.  We screamed all day at 9 knots under spinnaker but took it down 5 miles before the channel because the channel is heavier in waves and wind and this is a lee shore we are approaching.  Good thing .  We almost wrapped it and had difficulty getting it down.  But all done and every thing and everyone in one piece.

It is now 16:30 so it will be dark about an hour before we get to the marina entrance.  Not ideal; but its what we have and we have input waypoints (signposts) to guide us.  Also lots of water (the whole ocean) to leeward once we transit this 22 miles wide channel.  Then 10 miles beyond the famous Diamond Head point to the marina.

We have kept it all in one piece for 2200 miles, but doesn't mean much if we don't also complete the last 20 odd.  So stay tuned.  This is nearing the end of Leg 1 of Babelfish Pacific Adventure.

Hi to Goldie in florida.  Thanks for checking in.