settling in

tony zwig
Thu 24 May 2007 22:41




Everyone has settled into the rhythm of the sea and our trip.  Lots of sleeping during midday sun.  It is HOT.  So far we have been lucky, in that, the wind did not die when we crossed the 10 degree latitude, as predicted in our maps.  It is lightening up so the maps are right about the trend.  We are still going quite fast at 7-8 knots.  Lots of discussion about whether we still need to continue heading south east or can shorten the distance to the equator by 100 miles by going due south.  We  want to make some easting in anticipation of the wind swinging to SE, south of the equator.  So we are maintaining that.

David impressed us again with a fine dinner; salmon and fusili in olive oil. 

It is now 9pm here and we are having a gorgeous starlit night.  It is exhilarating; bright first quarter crescent moon and stars with some clouds coming and going.  Also a couple of planets.  All are so bright out here.  This, combined with the rhythmic roll of the boat and the water hissing unseen by the hull; make the magical show that draws me back out to these trips.

Thom and Triston were jamming on their guitars earlier tonight in anticipation of serenading some innocents in Tahiti.

The water maker works.  That has permitted lots of showering which has helped morale in this heat.  Sam has discovered the aft deck shower and is a regular user there.

Some 500 miles to equator.