cruising to paradise

tony zwig
Tue 24 Apr 2007 01:41




The subject is with apologies to Wm F.Buckley, whose book entitled ,'racing through paradise', more accurately describes what we are doing.  We are now 755 miles from the entrance channel to the island of Ohau,  location of Honolulu, and our destination.  It's been another glorous day; 2o knots winds from NE giving us a great sunny broad reach.  With a reef in we are doing 9-10 knots. I have to congratulate the designers/builders of the boat for creating a craft that is fast over a very wide range of winds; 12 knots and up;and is stable and controllable at plus 30 knots.  Lots of cleaning up projects were done by various people, indicting  a carefree view about our conditions (and time on our hands).

Last night's dinner was salmon al pesto with greek vine leaves.

I had been confused in my sleep because I assumed my head was closer to the front of the boat than my feet.  I associated the rise and fall of the front(my head) with the rise and fall of the front of the boat and the motion seemed very odd.  Finally I awoke during one of these semi reverie states to discover I am going feet first on this boat, ie head to the back, and the motion now makes sense when I am falling off to sleep.  I know this paragraph isn't earth shattering, but there have been requests to expand the blog and we are trying, and getting the kinks out.

Our position also appears oin another web site to which we daily report our weather details and position.  We are one of 150 boats doing this and we can view a map seeing who is near us and what weather they are experiencing.  This is organized by a NEw Zealand weather  place that uses the data to fill in the official reports.  This is very good as the difficulty with the official reports we get via fax,email,and voice cover very large areas and it takes some interpolation(guesses) to figure out what we're going to experience. The chair in the nav area where  we sit to do these blogs is on a bad support so every rock and roll of the boat produces 2 or 3 in the chair.  Other than this, it doesn't get much better than today if you enjoy wind, waves, fast sailing and sun.