Hamilton, Bermuda

Sat 22 Apr 2017 11:46
32:17.40N 064:47.57W

The Routeing Officer has pointed out that we have arrived in Bermuda and that he would like to resign his post for the foreseeable....

We have had a day to clean out Juno and scrub off the accumulated salt. We are in the Hamilton Princess Marina, once more a new high in marina luxury. We are next to an Oracle boat and have the WAGs from the BAR team watching our muscled bodies from their balcony by the pool. It is a tough ticket.

We arrived here after an 875nm journey across the open ocean - mostly with wind hard on the nose. It was a very welcome sight to see the swirling beam of the southern lighthouse at about 60nm distance on Wednesday night. It confirmed that we had found this tiny spec of coral in the vast expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean. Phew. Thanks to all who helped us get here.

We are taking He-who-has-AF home tonight and are looking forward to seeing Juno in Falmouth in early June.

X Bill