Sudocrem and Caviar

Wed 19 Nov 2014 09:03
 28:07.44N 015:25.30W

Today I have been asked to write the blog - a great honour given that I am not even crew but a mere "hanger-oner", here to wave Juno off on Sunday. After glorious blue skies yesterday we woke up to an unwelcome contrast of leaden grey skies. It has rained most of the morning but rain has not stopped play and preparations on Juno continue apace. Bill appears to have a gigantic checklist in his head and we are all methodically allocated jobs. Paul was sent off to attend the First Aid briefing and came back armed with all sorts of gory information about how to staunch bleeding, deal with broken toes and fingers and sort out the most common injury, burns, with the groin being the area at greatest risk. Paul Baines BA (hons) Oxon BMCh MD MA MRCP FRCA FFICM arrived annd informed us that all one needed for first aid was rubber gloves & Sudocreme. 

Nick and I had a satisfying hour or so squeezing all the provisions into every sort of drawer, cupboard and void trying to establish some sort of order. No ready meals for these boys. There is one drawer alone for caviar and foie gras! A new weather update this afternoon has been greeted with some relief. The wind has swung round in the right direction and the weather appears set fair for Sunday. 

Edwina ( better half of Paul CH/Shrimpy  - letters after name withheld).