We are two miles nearer to Bermuda....

Fri 14 Apr 2017 20:31
25:30.82N 076:47.14W

Good Friday for you. Another very windy day with the vectors all wrong for us. The wind is currently exactly where we would like to go and we have a 80nm long lee shore to cross so we are sitting tight (again) for better weather tomorrow. The forecast says it will come.... The waves out there are 3m+....so we wait.

John was getting a little cabin-itch so a move of anchorage was proposed and seconded. We have, thus, moved 2nm nearer a town called Spanish Wells and, coincidentally 2nm nearer Bermuda. We are still a 1.7nm dinghy ride away and the rain has come. The cabin itch remains.

We really do think we will be off tomorrow morning.