Corned beef and beans

Mon 17 Nov 2014 18:18
28:07.44N 015:25.30W

Arrived midday with Nic and Edwina to find Juno (boat) wedged alongside other rich men's toys on the big boys pontoon. After cold beer and light lunch (Bill forgot the bread) Edwina and i set out to count tins. Corned beef, baked beans, and rice pudding appear to be the staples for the trip, hope it's windy! 

Back to the hotel for a quick shower change into the boat uniform and back for a nautical strength Gin and Tonic on deck with Cynthia, Bill's Dutch fixer, she lives on a boat in the marina and helps with hopeless Brit sailors whose only spanish is dos cervesas por favor. On to crew supper where I sat next to another Dutch family. He had sold his company, loaded his wife and 4 children onto a 40 ft catamaran and was setting of around the world. Guy Butler and Edwina beware, although it's only day one.