We are out there

Sun 16 Apr 2017 17:44
28:10.11N 076:00.20W

We are out in the Briny. Paul had managed to catch his breath over the couple of nights we spent tucked in behind Eleuthera and forecast was turning our way so at 09.00 Saturday we headed out of shelter into the OCEAN proper. Bright skies, but very lumpy. This time most faces were a little green but all breaKfast, and rather more importantly, Paul's drugs, stayed down. WE saw a whale from only 20ft.

Heading initially at 010 but overnight we have managed 035 a between 5 and 7.5knts. The aim is to stay on this heading until Monday evening then swing right as the wind dies completely and head the last 40nm in the engine.

Hoping all having a lovely Easter. Our eggs much appreciated.