Silver Sailors - the last leg to the Start

Tue 4 Nov 2014 21:51
28:08.00N 015:27.00W

Juno had endured two and a half months on her own. We left and she was one of the few boats in the "over-fifties" end of the marina. When we returned she was in good company with boats packed in solid. Some ARC'ers some over-winterers some sun-seekers.

Alison and I arrived a day before Terry & Jane who were joining us for the short transfer hop across from Puerto Calero, Lanzarote to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

The winds were on the blustery side and on a practice day outing I had my worst berthing moment.....bump in the night sort of stuff. It was an inauspicious start to T&J's sailing career (and start it was). Once we were out of the marina we headed SW for the Papagayo beach. Five minutes out a loud alarm sounded. It took twenty minutes to single out the starboard lazarette locker bilge pump as the cause. It took two hours to silence it and establish all was well and a dirty sensor was to blame. Things looked up from there. The tapas was prepared. The sun shone. The winds eased. A hard tacking return to base gave Jane a chance to demonstrate dogged obedience to direct orders. We had a good run home to MPC.

Later, we were treated to a delicious Gala Night dinner at Amura, the go-to restaurant in Puerto Calero in celebration of Jane & Terry's silver wedding anniversary. Champagne moments all round. Just like the Cricket Club really.

Terry had ensured that the evening went well by secretly arranging for just the right amount of silver jewellery to be gifted at the opportune moment.

The next day, 3rd November we signed out of the marina and headed westward towards Papagayo (afternoon snooze) and then the 250 course heading for Las Palmas. As usual, this was dead downwind so we gybed our way through the night. It was a glorious sunset and J&T's first at sea. 

The lines were out but, in Shumps absence, we caught nothing. Hmmm. Dem fish gone 'ome.

Mrs C was a true Bosun/Coxswain/First Hand all through the night including when a tanker pushed its luck a little in the wee hours. We arrived on the reception pontoon for 9.00 a.m. and were speedily processed, Euro-fleeced and sent off to our pre-ARC berth - another "over-fifties" haven towards the entrance of the marina.

Despite being a downwind leg, it had been a bumpy night and all were happy that, after a little boat clean, we could get off and explore the city. It was the end of a lovely passage. 

So, with the help of Billy, Hen, Crabby, John, Schnoogle, Shumps, Anna-banana, Janey, Tezza and Alison, we had finally delivered Juno 2,000nm to the START of her transatlantic adventure. Thank you all. You have been great Ship's Company.