Monday 17th April - It's not a Hughes' Birthday

Mon 17 Apr 2017 17:19
29:42.52N 073:39.04W

Making progress. The clock says 491nm to run until Bermuda. 350nm has been run in 50 hours at sea - a reasonable 7kts continuous given that they were all hard on the wind.

Since our last position update the weather pattern has changed quite a bit - all as predicted by Itchen Stoke Weather Routeing. We were hard on the wind making 040 for much of the night but then a shift occurred and the wind veered south and, really, died. Mr Yanmar went on around 03.00 with some wind assistance allowing us to make 7.5kts at 069 (dead on target for Bermuda) but by sunlight (seen in by Paul on his second watch) we had almost no wind and diesel is the source of onward movement.

All stomachs seem to be on better form now that the seas have abated, there is only about 1.5m swell running now, and we have celebrated by having our first proper supper last night and a monster BLT for elevenses this morning. The sun is shining, there are no other AIS targets for 50nm, we are quite alone here in our quiet corner of the BT.

The BLT spurred us on to sort a few little glitches (more diesel smells from under the table!!!!) and celebrate Easter a day late. The eggs were, I am told, delicious. Thank you.

The onboard Hal says we will not make a Wednesday landfall but should be at the Customs dock for Thursday afternoon leaving three more nights at sea. By then we are expecting more wind on the nose (port tack this time [Mike?]).  They are getting easier. With barely a breeze the sea state will soon be balmy and we have a 60% moon. All good.

Happy Easter Monday. I am going to look for my head polish......