Young Gentleman's Wet Rice

Thu 20 Nov 2014 07:59
28:07.44N 015:25.30W

Thursday 20th November, 2014

60 kilos of fruit and veg purchased - with accompanying wildlife. We opened up the emergency "grab bags" that will be needed should we consider the liferaft option more comfortable than Juno. All good stuff. Edwina was tasked with demonstrating an XXXL survival suit.

Pottered around on the boat and tried to avoid too many jobs. The high point of the day was undoubtably dinner in a tent during a thunderstorm; this was served by a waiter (Manuel) on day release into the community. The meal was further complicated by a menu including Saharan Shrimps, Creacking Hake, Iberian Secret and was finished off with Young Gentleman's Wet Rice. Copious quantities of wine arrived and remained intact as the waiter would not lend us his corkscrew. After Manuel had been beaten, Fawlty Towers style, by the owner, the wine was eventually opened. A smorgasbord of courses arrived at the table which were surprisingly tasty. Dessert was ordered and a pot of tea arrived. Manuel (bruised) gave up pretending that he knew what was going on and ended up dancing with us to live music provided by a band which made the Rolling Stones look young.